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Market Research

Market Research Research for new products is the most essential factor in market research. Successful new products are immensely necessary for the company's growth and survival. And success of the new product utterly depends on market research procedure. But implementing market research for a success of new product is equally difficult and tiresome action to execute.

But by availing our services at intraword, you can be assured of getting flourishing and affluent market research activities. We make the all impossible into possible.

We at Intraword offer full-service marketing research including research for new product. Our strategic services concentrate on three critical needs, understanding new products, competitors in the market, and potentiality of the new product in order to make it survival for long term in the existing market.

Our experts and skilled workers focuses on main factors of market research like understanding definition of the target market, determination of the product category, and definition of the problem to solve or opportunity to exploit.

We have deep experience working with large and small firms. Our team members have been involved as executives of technology project start-ups, conducting research and assessments. They undergo in-depth research for the excel the success rate of new born product in the market.

Initial step of market research for new products is entirely depends on recognition of the target audience. This is the stepping stone for the survival of the new product in the market. Once the target audience is identified and some idea of the product is established, then qualitative research is the first step to foster the relationship between the customer and product. This is how we deliver the qualitative and instantaneous service to our valuable customers.


Consumer Products

It is not easy to cover the market for your product without some type of market research. The market is getting more and more competitive. It is flooded with giant brands with all types of products. A product cannot survive in the market without understanding its actual position and the requirement of the consumers. There are various factors affecting the chances of product success.

The demographic features of the target market, the spending habits of the customers on consumer goods are some of the factors which play important role. We conduct research in various ways. We use methods such as street surveys, online surveys, and telephonic surveys. Our research work provides information that is key for consumer products. There number of players in the consumer product market and the taste of customer is always changing. This creates utmost importance for the information of the market.

Market Research for Retail Business

The information gathered by our research activities help you grow your retail business. We gather the retail trade information, general trends of retail business and its analysis, reports of sales of recent years of retail products, the demographic information and the data of retail industry.

Marketing Research for Advertising Campaigns

Intraword also offers the marketing research for the advertising of the clients. With our research and surveys our clients can know the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.

Market Research for Financial & Insurance Services

As people are getting more aware about finance and future planning, the market for financial services is getting bigger. With the expansion of the market one can see both the service providers and the customers in confusion. We do market research for all the different services of the financial sector such as Banking, Insurance, Consumer Finance, Credit cards services, Investment Funds, Property Agents and many more.

We have experienced market survey team who can assemble important information for clients. The financial sector has got its own peculiarities. More and more players are joining the market.

Information about the current and future needs can help the service provider to develop a new product or to enhance the quality or increase the benefits of the available services and products.

Market Research for Healthcare Services

Intraword does provide the market research services for the Healthcare industry. We plan and perform research for the booming industry of the healthcare. Understanding and knowing the experience and the requirements of the people who have taken services from a particular healthcare service organization is very challenging. The information that we gather is critical for health care industry company. Our team knows the difficulties and the challenges that the healthcare industry company faces.

The advancement in science and technology makes it one of the most dynamic industries. Clients do require proper research and survey to know the actual standing of them in the industry. Our team does not merely give you statistic data or huge numbers. Our team collects, analyses and presents data which can show the true picture of the industry as well as of the company.

Market Research for New Products

Every market is altering quickly and in every market the competition is increasing. More and more players are coming with new innovative ideas. To stay in the market it is very important for everyone to keep giving something new to customers. This means developing a new product or idea. This is not easy. This requires time, team and finance. Before launching a new product the company needs colossal information about the market.

The company needs to find the opportunity for the new product, in our surveys we explain the product idea to potential market and try to analyse their response.

With our information we also assist companies in deciding different factors like finding the potentially most favourable place, the correct price and the marketing strategy.

Survey and Marketing Research Work for Social Purpose

The Indian society is a multicultural society. Social surveys and research are important to know the actual position of the society.

We conduct research and surveys for social policies, sociology, social anthropology etc. The data that we gather can help companies to have an in depth look at the sociological factors of the society.

This information is crucial for the companies to either develop a new product or improve the current product.

Market Research of Rural Area

About 70 percent of India is rural India. Their likes and dislikes very drastically from the urban India. The rural Indian market has got different needs and demands.

With our highly talented team of experts and innovative research methods we collect information of the rural society.

Marketing Research Team for Field Works

Intraword also provides teams of marketing research which can do various field works for our clients.

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