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Business Etiquettes

Business Etiquettes

INTRAWORD has introducing a professional training on business etiquette. as part of its Soft Skills Training. Our experienced and dedicated trainers mainly focuses on teaching business etiquette which is essential for a business person or employee to make a good and lasting impression in national or international business.

We have given impetus to cross culture etiquette due to expanding business in market place. That is why, we also included west culture etiquette along with national etiquette in the course of our business etiquette. However, global business etiquette is the core part of our professional training program.

Email Etiquettes

Email is the best mode of communication to disseminate information either in business or personal matter. But at the same time, there are some email etiquette are there to be followed. To give effectiveness to the email, one need to follow the etiquettes of the email.

Here at INTRAWORD, we are offering email etiquette training to the learners. Our email etiquette training course is designed to help employees know the appropriate use of the Internet while at work as well as behaviors they must vigorously avoid.

Meeting Etiquettes

Good behavior, well manner, proper knowledge are the essential factors in business meeting or anywhere else. A good business and or corporate employee should aware of meeting etiquettes for further prosperity of the organization or for a successful business meets. In order to make the person well equipped with business etiquettes, we are bringing an exclusive training program for Meeting Etiquettes at INTRAWORD.

One can learn proper technique and behavior to win the attention of one's colleague and business mates. We have a team of excellent and skilled professionals to teach you with all the etiquettes associated with business purpose.

Telephone Etiquettes

Telephone etiquette has a great impact on customers. The business telephone etiquette displayed in organizations is the sign of willingness shown by the executive to assist customers. The skills and the attitude projected over the telephone form a lasting impression in the customer's mind. It is very much essential for an employee to have good knowledge on the telephone etiquette.

To fulfill the knowledge on the telephone etiquette, we are offering a training program on the same. W aimed at covering all aspects that make telemarketing training successful. It focuses on developing telephone skills to deal with customers energetically, benevolently, with a sense of care and a positive attitude.

Dining Etiquettes

If you are looking for a training on Dining Etiquette then you can learn from our world class dining etiquette program. Here you can explore the intricacies of dining etiquette and table manners from our highly experienced trainers. Our classes of dining etiquette offers world class instruction from our exceptional trainers.

Understanding the basics of dining etiquette can prepare you to tackle eating out with clients and colleagues. Good manners always helps to promote good business. All of our classes ensure you will learn valuable expertise in a fun, interactive and comfortable setting, providing you with immediately applicable knowledge on dining etiquette. With us, you can learn how to dine with confidence and ease while developing your social and dining skills. You'll be able host or attend any event with dignity and confidence.

Youth Etiquettes

Today's youth are the future of tomorrow- so it is important to grow each and every youth with proper care and ethic at the same time. We at INTRAWORD transform the lives of the young generation. Through our youth etiquette programs, seminar and workshops, they learn about the politeness, sensitivity towards other. They also come to know about the relation building and how a good relation is a essential component for academic achievements.

Understanding the importance of refining interpersonal skills is what sets our students apart from others. Our youth Etiquette curriculum gave emphasis on building self-confidence and character in today's youth, coupled with parent's desires for their children to be vibrant and have a positive impact on their community. Our students develop good manners and leadership qualities which in turn effects all aspects of life.

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