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Customer Related Services

Our customer related services include acquiring customers, customer support, processing of orders and collection from customers with completely respecting and following the rule of the law.

Social Media Mining

In this era of technological advancement the tool of social media is an effective medium. There are plenty of blogs, social networking sites, different online consumer communities etc. is available where consumer can present his views.

Any marketer should be able to understand what customers want. With social media mining our clients can understand the point of view of the customers. We help our clients to gather data from various social media medium.

The number of people using different social mediums is increasing day by day. Managing these much data for a company is not easy. We gather data, analyse them and present it to our clients so that our clients can draw the real picture of the market situation.

Company Profiling

Intraword also offers the service of profiling of companies of our clients or of companies of the competitors of our clients. We gather almost all information of the companies that is available in the market and which is important for the business of our clients.

Information such as name, ownership, past records, position of the company in the market and its competitors, various projects that the company has undertaken, number of employees, different department information, stock market related information of the company.

We gather this information so that our clients can analyze them and make strategies for betterment.

Management of Debt

We provide service of debt management which includes collection service, transfer, acquiring customer, retention of customer etc.

We provide services such as loan processing, payment follow ups, settlement processing work etc.

Our work is completely in accordance with the requirement of our clients.

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