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Italian Corporate Training

Italian is a romance language spoken by around 63 million people in Italy and 62 million people throughout the world including parts of Switzerland, San Marino, the Vatican City, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Malta and Eritrea.

The speakers who use Italian as second or cultural language are estimated around 110-120 million. The Italian speakers are also found in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA and UK and in some Italian colonies like Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Tunisia, Ethiopia and etc.

In terms of vocabulary, Italian is the closest to the Latin language. In Vatican, this language is considered as primary language.

Countries where spoken: Also spoken in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, Eritrea, France, Germany, Israel, Libya, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Philippines, Puerto Rico, San Marino.

Countries where official: Italy

You can learn Italian in order to increase the you efficiency in various field of interest starting from social world to business world. Learning a new language is always an added benefits to your career or social world. It can enhance your skill and intelligence in front the world of competition.

Most commonly and widely spoken language like Italian, meets the global world where people can exchange the news and views with a common mode of communication and it makes easier to deal with each other.

Tourism industry has also made learning Italian as an ideal decision for every common people.

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